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Our Rent to Own contracts are an affordable way to budget the purchase of an instrument for your young musician!

Most instruments average just $1.00 per day after the initial trial period.

 -All rental payments apply towards purchase of the instrument! 

- We offer low monthly rates with NO hidden fees

 - Instruments may be returned anytime with No obligation to purchase 

(**Return cleaning fee will apply**)

 - EARLY PURCHASE OFFER: at any time after the initial trial period, you may elect to purchase the instrument at a 30% discount on the current unpaid balance of your account.  There is no penalty for early payoff. 

 - Payments may be  automatically be drafted from any major credit or debit card. 


* AGREEMENT PAYMENTS. The initial, non-refundable rental payment covers three months rental and monthly rental payment shall continue thereafter month to month

* RIGHT TO RETURN INSTRUMENT. Return cleaning fee applies, this amount will be marked on your contract, if varies per instrument. If not in default you may terminate this agreement at any time by returning the instrument in good condition and making all payment required to that date. Responsibility for return of the instrument belongs solely to the lessee. DO NOT LEAVE THE INSTRUMENT AT SCHOOL!

* EARLY PURCHASE OPTION.  At any time after the initial trial period, you may elect to purchase the instrument at a 30% discount on the current unpaid balance. (*select instruments not eligible, your contract will state this information from the begining)

* OWNERSHIP. We own the instrument until you make all rental and other payments required under this agreement. You may not sell, pawn, dispose of, or pledge the instrument as security while the agreement is in effect. If you declare bankruptcy, the instrument must be returned to us immediately. You do not have the right to keep the instrument if you do not make all of the payments necessary for ownership.

* LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE. You are fully responsible for loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the instrument from all causes in excess of normal wear and tear, up to a maximum of the retail price of the instrument.

* EXCHANGE. You may exchange from one instrument type to another during this agreement and apply all rental payments made; additional rental charges may apply.

* OTHER FEES. Late fee of $5 due on payment not received within 10 days after due date.  Interest Rate: 14% per year.

* DEFAULT. Should monthly payments become past due beyond sixty days, the right to return option is voided and the entire remaining balance, taxes, and late charges, will be due in full.  If necessary, legal action will be instituted and you agree to pay all legal fees, including attorney's fees (in obtaining and enforcing any judgment), associated with such action. Venue for all matter arising out of our agreement will be in Rockingham County, Virginia. All exemptions including the homestead exemption, are waived.

* CHANGE OF ADDRESS. You must notify us in writing of any address changes. You may not relocate with the instrument from stated address without our consent.

CREDIT REPORT.  You agree to allow us to obtain a personal credit report at any time during your agreement.

* CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.  You authorize us to bill against the credit card account(s) listed if your rental account become more than 10 days past due.

* SECURITY DEPOSIT. If you pay a security deposit, we will refund the deposit upon satisfactory return of the instrument.

* REINSTATEMENT. If you default on your payment, the agreement expires and the instrument must be returned to us. You may reinstate it without losing any rights previously acquired by making all payments within 5 days of the default. If you return the instrument to us during that period, then you will have 21 days from the date of return to reinstate by making all payments due.  If you have paid two-thirds or more of the total cost, you will have 45 days to reinstate.